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Hi there. My name is Marsha and like most Californians, I'm into working out. Actually, I'm a bodybuilder and this is my first web page. So...Welcome!

I was born in Maine but moved to Wisconsin with my parents when I was still a baby. While still a child, my parents and I moved to California where I've lived ever since. Even as a youngster, I was involved in various sports, but my favorite activity for nearly ten years while I was growing up was Ballet.

As I got into my teen years, I found that I was dancing nearly everyday after school. I felt that it was time for a change so I stopped dancing (though I missed it) and found something new. I joined the cross country and track teams at my high school. I found this to be great fun and soon found that I loved competitive sports. My track coach liked to combine weight training with our practices. I liked the strength I gained from the weight training, but even more, I liked the shape it gave my body. Not long after high school, I began weight training more seriously. I found that when I really put my mind to it, I could put on shapely muscle and still look feminine.

About 12 years ago I became a police officer. It's been an interesting and rewarding career. I continued working out over the years until my profession afforded me the opportunity to focus my bodybuilding toward competitive events. In 1999 I competed in the California Police Olympics. I finished first in my division which inspired me to work ever harder. I've done pretty well in a couple of shows since.

I've created this site to share some things about myself. Hopefully, to inspire women who are considering bodybuilding not only as a hobby, but as a way of life and perhaps, even a profession. I've also posted a photo gallery. There's some info on my workouts and my diet and some basic philosophy that keeps me going. So just follow the links...explore the site, and please e-mail me and let me know what you think.